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1   Amazon FBA shipping specialist



Shipping to Amazon FBA warehouse
Amazon FBA return shipping
Worldwide inventory management
Labeling/Switch carton/Palletize
Consolidation from China to Amazon
Air freight door to door to Amazon
Sea freight door to door to Amazon
Courier express to Amazon FBA
Multiple platforms storage/shipping
International supply chain finance
Amazon worldwide purchase service


Amazon worldwide purchase service

We are focused on how to help client save purchasing cost and make it more efficient.

Let Luckylucky help you do some resourcing work. We know China and other exporter countries better. Just tell us your idea,we can help you sort suitable and reliable manufacture with our domestic resources.

Collect samples,evaluation,quality inspection,packing superisor, foreign currency exchange and any other works help you save time to focused on your own core business.

USA & CANADA return goods service

Europe return goods service UK,Germany,France,Spain,Italy

AUSTRALIA,JAPAN return goods service

We can also ship return goods back to China or other countries. Just give us email, you will receive customized solution.


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